Hello, I'm Andy and I'll help you to level up your front-end development skills.

I'm a designer and front-end developer who has worked in the design and web industries for over 15 years, and in that time, I have worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, like Google, Harley-Davidson, BSkyB, Unilever, The Natural History Museum, Oracle, Capita, Vice Media and the NHS.

On Piccalilli, I share my knowledge and experience to make you a better front-end developer.

Most popular this month

  1. How we’re approaching theming with modern CSS

    We’ve started a new project which requires heavy, creative theming, so I made a prototype to test some ideas out.

  2. A (more) Modern CSS Reset

    I wrote “A Modern CSS Reset” almost 4 years ago and, yeh, it’s not aged overly well. I spotted it being linked up again a few days ago and thought it’s probably a good idea to publish an updated version.

  3. The box model and box sizing

    To open up this CSS Fundamentals series, we’re looking at one of those most important aspects of CSS to understand: how the box model is affected by box sizing.

  4. A highly configurable switch component using modern CSS techniques

    Learn how build a highly configurable switch component using modern CSS, such as :has(), container queries, Logical Properties and Custom Properties.

  5. Some little ways I’m using CSS :has() in the real world

    I’ve created some low fidelity demos of :has() snippets that I’ve been using in real-world client projects.