What the heck is an SVG sprite sheet?

Ryan Trimble gives us the run-down on SVG sprites, how they work and how you can build a nice pipeline for them.

I love an article that presumes no prior knowledge and quickly gets everyone up to the same level with clear, concise content. I also love an article that is useful for me at a very specific time and guess what? Ryan’s article on SVG sprites is absolutely both.

I’ve been around the block enough times with SVG sprites; some produced with GUIs, others hand-coded and lastly, using gulp. For a long time though, the preference has been directly putting SVG code on pages for each icon or illustration.

We’re doing a project that requires heavy theming at the moment though, so SVG sprites are gonna be the preference and because neither of us have touched sprites for a while, we’re looking at ways to handle them. Ryan’s Vite approach might just end up being that.

Check it out