Define delay for each property in the transition shorthand


You can set a different delay for each transitioned property, using the transition shorthand, which creates some pretty cool state changes.

If you have a few properties that change with a transition, you can define a transition-delay for each of them, using the transition shorthand and separating each property with a comma.

Code language
button:hover {
  transition: background 200ms linear, color 200ms linear 200ms,
    transform 500ms cubic-bezier(0.4, 0, 0.7, 1.8) 300ms, border-color 300ms cubic-bezier(
      ) 600ms;

The order looks like this:

Code language
/* With timing function */
transition: property duration timingFunction delay;
transition: color 200ms linear 200ms;

/* Without timing function */
transition: property duration delay;
transition: color 200ms 200ms;

You can make some pretty cool state changes by adding some space between each change.


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