The legendary Codrops are on Patreon

One of the best publications in the biz are feeling the pinch of rising costs and fewer sponsors, so they’ve set up a Patreon that I hope you will support.

Codrops are one of those publications that have been around forever but managed to maintain a superb standard of content. I’ve learned all sorts of cool, weird and wonderful ways to boost visual quality of my design and front-end work thanks to them, over the years.

They also run the legendary Collective newsletter. One which I truly look forward to receiving most weeks.

They’ve got a problem though, which many publishers across the industry and other publication industries are suffering with: money is getting tight. Advertisers just don’t spend like they used to and especially in tech, companies are not as generous with sponsorship as they might once have been.

I’d be devastated to see Codrops go. Not only have they provided endless high quality content over the years, but I’ve got a lot to thank them for because they consistently share my stuff too (thanks, folks).

They set up a Patreon recently and the subscription plan is pretty darn cheap. It’s £1.50 in my currency, which for what they provide, is outrageously good value. I really hope other folks will see this and consider supporting them too. I know I didn’t think twice before subscribing.

Check it out