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  • How I’m using “AI”

    An honest roundup of what I personally think of “AI” and how it genuinely has its uses in my day-to-day work.

  • How a handful of independent publishers are doing their thing

    I really like paying good writers so I thought I’d recommend a handful of publications I’m paying for and look at how they do things.

  • Upcoming custom element support in React

    React’s version 19 Beta is boasting full custom element support so I cover how that could impact projects on our radar and how this new support will make an impact.

  • A Global Documentation Platform

    Inspired by the recent “A Global Design System” article, I talk about what worries me: the future of MDN and a possible alternative to it.

  • CSS Frameworks, hype and dogmatism

    Some notes on the dogmatism and gatekeeping themes of Tech Twitter and how they can generate often incorrect and naive statements—specifically about frameworks and methodologies.