Piccalilli will return in 2024

I’m going to be writing a lot of content in 2024 and I’ve been working out where that should live. I’ve decided that Piccalilli is the best place for it.

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time, but I’ve been caught up, founding a design studio: Set Studio. I’ve got a fantastic team there now, which frees me up to do what I really love doing: teaching people how to be better designers and front-end developers.

What’s coming up in 2024? permalink

Most importantly, I will be working on a brand new CSS course. CSS From Scratch never happened because I ended up publishing that for web.dev with Learn CSS.

This new course isn’t a course to teach you how to write CSS, though. It’s a course to teach you how to write better CSS and hopefully, enhance your career (and most importantly, get you more money). That’s all I’ll share for now though 🤫

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As always, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, but starting in 2024, I’ll be sending links to new posts via email too — along with updates about the course.

Thank you for your support permalink

It’s great to slap the roof of this place, give it a little tidy up, and get it going again. Piccalilli has a very special place in my heart and I know it does for others too. Expect a lot of positive changes, some lovely UI updates and importantly, loads of new content.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Piccalilli over the years. 2024 is gonna be great!