Piccalilli Links

I give a run-down about the new links setup on the Piccalilli site and how it all works.

You might have noticed that I’m starting to share links on here. There’s a hole that’s been left by publications like CSS-Tricks and A List Apart going quiet, along with the Great Fragmentation™ of social media, since Elon Musk bought — and crapped all over — Twitter.

There’s a missing curation aspect left behind too — not just related to the above — but in general. Cassidy wrote about it really well. I think I might — along with others — be able to help fill that somewhat.

How I’m doing it permalink

I like how Chris used to share links on CSS-Tricks. He didn’t just share the link, but gave each one a bit of a write-up too. I liked reading his perspective and what he’d learned. Jeremy does similar with his long-running links section of his website too. Sophie is also doing a similar, more grouped setup with her insights, which I also really like. All of them are very inspiring. I like Hidde’s setup too.

I’m gonna be writing a bit about each link I share, similar to the old Piccalilli newsletter. I like the idea of providing extra context and what I particularly find interesting about the things I share. Sometimes I might be able to add some extra learning stuff to links too.

All the links have their own category: Links. You can also subscribe to that category via RSS. When they get auto-posted from this site on Mastodon, Twitter and LinkedIn, they’ll be tagged as #PiccalilliLinks, so you can easily filter them out too if you want.

For folks who have subscribed to get new posts from here in their inbox, I’ve filtered out links posts for you, or you’d get a lot of emails. Let me know if that’s not cool though and I’ll work out a system on Buttondown or something.

Wrapping up permalink

I’m always open to try new things and take on feedback, so if you’ve got a comment, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Also, let me know who else is sharing links. I wanna subscribe to them!