Challenge: Tabs


Front-End Challenges Club - Challenge #005

Tabs! So many websites have them and so many create an accessibility nightmare, but friends, that will change with this challenge and its subsequent solution.

The brief permalink

Take the design assets and build and these tabs with whatever front-end technology you want.

Make sure that your challenge solution does the following as a minimum:

  • Uses semantic elements
  • Is usable with mouse, touch and keyboard

Bonus points awarded if:

  • Your solution is usable without JavaScript enabled
  • Your solution is lightweight and performant
  • Your solution is fully accessible and uses appropriate aria attributes
  • You create appropriate transitions and/or animations between states

Assets permalink

I’ve used Figma to design this challenge and you can run it with a completely free account!

Here’s some assets to get you going:

Here are some CSS Custom Properties for your colours:

Code language
:root {
  --color-light: #f3f3f3;
  --color-mid: #dedede;
  --color-dark: #313e4f;
  --color-slate: #444444;
  --color-inactive: #4f637d;
  --color-primary: #2a7bd6;

Wrapping up permalink

When you’ve tried building this one for yourself, head over to the solution to see how I built it!

See you at the next one 👋

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