The Index: Issue #9

Welcome back! We’ve had a well needed break over the Easter holidays here.

Something we always aspire to is that Set Studio produces interactive articles with clients that enhance the story they’re trying to tell. I’ve long being a fan of how interactive articles help to really illustrate a concept and help the reader get a broader understanding.

This week, we’re going to share some of our all-time favourites.

The New New York Skyline - National Geographic

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This one is a few years old now but does a great job of illustrating the humongous scale of these skyscrapers, while keeping the content as concise as it can be.

A visual introduction to machine learning

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A visual introduction to machine learning landing screen

This is great. They break down how a machine model works really well and I certainly learned something. The visualisations season the content beautifully and it’s just the right amount of animation.

Mechanical Watch

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Mechanical Watch article opening with watch illustration

Again, you will definitely learn a tonne with this article. The interactive illustrations are unreal, both in their mechanical nature, but also how perfectly animated they are.

How Usain Bolt secured the triple-treble with Jamaica in the 4x100m relay

How Usain Bolt secured the triple-treble with Jamaica in the 4x100m relay landing illustrations

This is an oldie, but a goodie — especially the leg-by-leg interaction. It really helps you see how not just this race, but how any relay sprint comes together.

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