The Index: Issue #8

We have an unhealthy font purchasing habit here in the studio, so we thought that this week, we’d share some of our favourite font landing pages. Enjoy!

Shantell Sans

The Shantell Sans home page

I’m an avid note-taker and sketcher so any hand-written font is going to appeal to me. I love the interaction, right at the top of the page. It demonstrates the variable font really well, right off the bat. The variable axes are great too!


The Roku homepage

This is a great example of how you can use layout, graphic design and illustration to make a huge impact without having to lean much into animation. This site almost looks like a poster. Very good stuff.

Editorial New

⚠️ Motion warning

The scroll animation on this site may well make you sea sick, but it’s cool as heck. The character preview is a really nice touch: it gives each character a great focus for those detail nerds amongst us. Keep your eye on your browser tab too, because there’s a nice little trick — albeit an accessibility red flag — with the <title> 👀

It’s a great, creative site, but I wish they’d focused on the HTML semantics more and provided less animation for people that prefer reduced motion. You can definitely have both creativity and accessibility!

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