The Index: Issue #7

Happy Monday!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website, we’re showcasing some other great agency sites we’ve seen in the wild in this issue of The Index.

Hot Buro

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Hot Buro’s homepage

This one is bold, that’s for sure. I really like the contrast of black on yellow — a fantastic monochromatic style. I’m also a big fan of the little context popups / custom cursors that show up when you hover over a portfolio item.

VaiVai Digital Keys

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VaiVai Digital Keys' homepage

I love this one. It’s extremely brutalist and clean. I’m especially fond of the scroll-based movement. It’s not too in your face, which makes it a nice touch, rather than annoying.

That heavy display font is unreal too.

Transparent House

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Transparent House's homepage

I really like the scroll to explore on this site. It’s a cool way of displaying what this motion animation/3D studio. The effect does make you feel a bit seasick after a while though.

Some of this studio’s portfolio is stunning too. My favourite is the ice renders on Backbone controller.

Set Studio

Set Studio’s homepage

Oh hey, how did this get here? We thought it would be silly not to showcase our own brand new website on this issue of The Index. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it!

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