The Index: Issue #6

Welcome back! This week, we’ve got whimsical, fun websites that go against the grain of “typical” web design for you.

They’re our favourite type of site here in the studio and we know you’ll love them.

Spezial FC Football Exibition

The Spezial football exhibition home page

This is certainly not a standard edition web page by any stretch. The endless nature of it and the drag interaction are definitely unique.

It’s the monochrome and dither effect that really makes my eyes smile though. We’re really into that effect here in the studio, as you’ll see with our new, incoming website design 👀

Interactive interview with Khaby Lame

⚠️ Motion warning

The start screen for Khaby's interview

This is a cracker of a site. Sure, there are some pretty egregious animations, but knowing your audience well and crafting an experience for that audience — specifically — is a real skill. The folks that produced this have that skill in abundance.

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing

The Super Mario Bro. plumbing homepage

Promo sites for films just don’t hit the same as the classic Space Jam site, which was subsequently destroyed in favour of a bland-fest for their sequel (the old site lives here).

But, in steps the incoming Super Mario Bros. film, with their extremely fun promo site. I’ll let you enjoy it without any spoilers, but make sure you check out the commercial video!

Mastodon Flock

The Mastodon Flock start screen, which looks like a Windows 95 installer

Since Elon Musk bought and continues to destroy Twitter from the inside, while Mastodon continues to grow in popularity, a lot of tools to help people find each other have rightly shown up.

Most of them are very useful and practical, but boring to look at. This one is a very quirky throwback to Windows 95 and features a nice treat when you click “cancel”.

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