The Index: Issue #37

I’ve been feeling Out Of The Loop™ with the popover API and the anchor positioning API. Hidde gave a great talk at All Day Hey! about the popover API (and modal), but I’ve shied away from anchor positioning until I found this article. It’s a great run down and further frustrates me that anchor positioning is not part of Interop 2024, but the popover API is. Make it make sense.

After reading that article, I felt like I got it more, so I re-read Michelle’s excellent post about using all of the above for a JS-free site menu.

ToyFight are a cool as hell studio and their new site is top class. Some of the movement is slightly janky on my MacBook, but the little terminal mode (press your / key) is a really nice touch.

Lastly, let’s celebrate 10 years of A Single Div. It’s one of my favourite things on the web.

P.S. This is a cool little loader and I wrote a beginner-friendly guide to markdown.

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