The Index: Issue #35

I’ve found a couple of great interactive experiences that I think you might enjoy. The first is Kaizen. It’s absolutely stunning and it reminds me of the WebGL video that was produced for Lights by Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately that’s not live anymore, but check out this video capture. Bear in mind this was over a decade ago, which is mind-blowing.

Related, Choo Choo! World is fantastic. The level of detail and whimsy is a delight. It also demonstrates how much capability we have at our fingertips on the web. Heck, Charlie managed to hack a damn car with JavaScript!

Let’s move on to some good pieces of writing that I’ve been reading. Anil Dash wrote really well about systems and Amy Castor had me completely gripped with this fantastic article about “AI”. I’m a big fan of Chris Coyier’s email blog and he’s published another head-nodder of an article.

Lastly, I know everything is “AI” right now, but this piece on trust is important. I’ve at least outlined some uses for “AI” though.

P.S. check out this cool space explorer starter project by Steve.

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