The Index: Issue #12

Welcome back! It’s all about restaurants and food places in this issue. Food is a great context to get super creative and these sites do exactly that.

Let’s dig in.


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The Loro homepage

First of all, the lowercase g in their display typeface — Ohno Blazeface — should be illegal, it’s that nice. Secondly, the balance of a delicate colour palette, great food imagery and delightful illustration on this site is top drawer stuff.

Anna Jóna

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The Anna Jóna homepage

Those of you who have been subscribed to this newsletter for a while will know we’re not the biggest scroll-jacking fans, but it kinda works on this site.

There’s loads of lovely touches too, along with nice, sectioned content that’s easy to consume. Condensed, straight-forward content is the best way, and this site nails that.

Chi Chi

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Chi Chi homepage

The colours on this site are outrageously nice, as is the ultra-condensed display font — Disclaimer.

The side-scrolling behaviour while you scroll down is certainly weird, but I think it’s pretty smart too.

La Bodeguita de Enfrente

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La Bodeguita de Enfrente homepage

We’ll wrap up with this one. I love the overall look and feel. It sort of reminds me of the titles art for the movie, Soul. The isolated food pictures work really well too.

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P.S enjoy this Nintendo Switch made with CSS

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