The Index: Issue #1

Welcome to the first ever issue of The Index. We really appreciate you stopping by.

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Srbija Sans font landing page

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A screen shot of  the Srbija Sans homepage

Our designer, Leanne, stumbled upon this site and we love it. Admittedly, I have a soft spot for font landing pages and type foundry sites because they’re always so damn creative.

This one is next-level, though. The use of 3D space and scroll-triggered motion to really tell the story of how the font is constructed is great. The type tester is really well put together too.

Helios - Hashicorp’s new design system

A screen shot of the Helios design system homepage

This new design system was announced fairly recently in an article. We’re big into design systems here in the studio, but do get tired of the over-designed ones that have poor documentation. The whole point of a design system is to help your team(s) maintain consistency, after all.

Helios, on the other hand, looks fantastic visually, but puts so much focus on finding documentation. We love to see it and I reckon they will do really well with getting good adoption across their teams with this system because of that. Great work by the Hashicorp folks!

Sketch’s new homepage

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A screen shot of Sketch's homepage

We do most of our visuals in Figma these days here (sorry, team Sketch), but that takes nothing away from this incredible new homepage.

There’s so many little bits of creative flair, but the best part is being able to drag stuff around the screen as if you were actually using Sketch. A very nice touch.

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