ShopTalk reaches 600th episode

The ultimate stalwart of podcasts about the web hits yet another major milestone, so I wanted to congratulate them.

I’m so happy for the ShopTalk podcast. I don’t listen as much now (sorry, fellas) but I’ve been in and out for at least the last 10 or so years at this point. It’s the only tech podcast I’m subscribed to these days too.

My favourite aspect of the show is Chris and Dave are chilled. They tackle stuff objectively and most importantly, fairly. I certainly don’t agree with them on everything, but I more often than not, find myself nodding along with them.

It’s just nice to see my friends do really well and I wish them all the luck for the next 12 years, because as they discuss stuff that won’t be around in the next 12 years in this episode: I sure hope ShopTalk is something that sticks around.

Check it out