Look Mum, No Breakpoints!

Rob McCormick breaks down how they refactored their front-end with fluid type, flexible layouts and importantly, giving the browser more control.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I would be in to this article. Rob does a fantastic job of breaking down the benefits of being the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager with a proper real-world example.

This quote is so important:

But, in my view at least, aiming for "pixel perfection" is striving for a false sense of control. Yes, you can create a website that matches the design pixel for pixel at the screen width of the design, giving you a sense of the website looking perfect, but who will see it at that screen size?

Chasing pixel perfection only services the people that design and build that UI, not the people that have to use it. I’m so glad Rob articulated that — along with the benefits of bringing a previously atomic style sheet (ASS) approach back into a structured, organised CSS approach — so well.

Check it out