I Need Your Help to Make 11ty Fully Independent and Sustainable in 2024

Zach writes how he is trying to work 100% full time on 11ty. To do that, the project needs financial support, so let’s make that happen.

This feels huge:

Practically speaking this means that for the very first time in 11ty’s history, I will be working independently on 11ty full time. This means increased iteration speed, more responsive official support, more features and bug fixes, and faster releases.

I’ve got so much time for Zach, taking the plunge and trying to work 100% full time on 11ty. It’s fantastic software and will only get better with his full attention.

As you may or may not know, 11ty has been instrumental in my career. I’ve long been a super fan and the support I got from Zach and the wider community when I wrote Learn Eleventy From Scratch will forever be appreciated.

It’s my job now to tell you that 11ty needs financial support. Individuals are being generous, but at the time of writing, the $6,000 monthly budget is only ~ 50% achieved. It’s time for companies who profit from 11ty to step up. Even if 6 companies pledge $500 per month each, Zach will be able to work full time on 11ty. A tip to British companies: this can be written of as marketing expense. That’s how I’ve processed over $6k from Set Studio over the years and will be looking to continue to do so to help Zach go full time.

If you’re a developer working in a company that profits from 11ty, encourage those in charge of the purse strings and show them how much money 11ty is surely saving them. Let’s make 11ty a great example of open source that’s properly funded by the people who make money from it!

Check out the article, but here’s a direct link to the Open Collective.

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