Learn Eleventy From Scratch is now open source


    Piccalilli is going through a lot of changes—mainly, a shift to becoming an agency. With this shift, the Eleventy course no longer fits into this site.

    I’ve decided to make the course open source because I don’t really have to bandwidth to maintain it and update it—especially with Eleventy now getting ever closer to version 1 (which is great).

    I’ve slung together a VuePress site—similar to the CUBE CSS documentation—to make this process easier. The repository is public and open for contributions too. You can see the course’s new location at https://learneleventyfromscratch.com/.

    Wrapping up permalink

    To everyone who bought this course in the past and/or left comments to improve the content, thank you. Your support means a lot and you allowed this content to be published for free, which opened the door to thousands of people who previously had no way of accessing the content.

    The hope of making the course open source is that it can continue to help people and get contributions from the vast array of Eleventy experts out there.

    Until next time, take it easy 👋

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