Piccalilli redesign journal

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You might be thinking “why are you deferring your CSS course to next year?”.

There’s a few reasons for that:

  1. I really need to re-design this site. Sure, it looks nice, but it’s not fit for the future
  2. I feel more excited about writing a book right now
  3. There’s some exciting CSS stuff that I am keeping an eye on, first

The first two are related, so let’s dive in with a touch more detail 👇

“Why the heck is Piccalilli not fit for the future?”; I very quickly thrashed out some look and feel stuff at the start of the year and focused more on the API and overall infrastructure. This enabled me to move the newsletter away from a third party and also set the scene for future premium content work. I knew I wanted to do courses and stuff, but didn’t optimise the design of the site for that sorta content. More specifically, I didn’t optimise for selling that content.

The book will be about the process of this improvement. I’m going to document the hell out of this whole project because I think I’ve got lots of stuff to share. The book will be a guide/case study on producing a solid website with a focus, so less on tech and more on planning, research and purpose.

Yep: everyone is doing it right now—well, eBooks, anyway. I’m going all in with this one though. Proper print, ISBN and a high quality production process, because just like with my course content, I’ll be hiring an editor to help me. I’m aiming for really high quality stuff—especially with the print version. I’ll be putting a lot of effort into that part, particularly.

When will it go live? Good question: I dunno yet. So far, all I’ve got is a couple of task lists.

I’ve got a lot of research to do for the actual redesign. I’m also doing a workshop on CUBE CSS this year, so that will be prioritised.

I’m journaling the whole process of this whole project—including the redesign and book authoring/production—because, why the hell not? I like to over-share and people seem to benefit from it.

I’m going to write to subscribers who are interested in a semi-regular email—y'know, like a blog post in your inbox every now and then.

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