Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #7

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This issue features CSS centering, grunge textures, rockets, CSS cities and sliders.

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Two simple methods to vertically and horizontally center content with CSS

Centering used to be hard with CSS, but these days, it’s easy! I show you how to build a little utility class that auto centers descendants horizontally and vertically.

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The Web Project Guide

This website is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is just wild. I’m both envious and incredibly impressed.

I really wish grunge textures would make a comeback. Those were the good days of web design.

Stimmt - Agency Site

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This site is pure visual pleasure and frankly, just showing off. It’s a bit like a Codrops thing, though—mega inspiring in terms of interaction and animation.

I daren’t look at the size of this thing in the network panel 🙈

NASA Saturn V Rocket animated in 3D using only CSS

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This is cool as heck, by Hai Le. It’s refreshing to see a rare appearance of Less CSS, too.


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Gosh darn it, Adam is smart as heck. He’s amongst a few folks that are gonna be getting permanent seats on this newsletter at this rate.

Smashing work.

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100 years of Bauhaus

Grid-tastic work from Juan. Fire up the editor view on Codepen and the Firefox Grid Inspector and just soak it all in.

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CSS Border-Radius Can Do That?

I was reminded by this article while I was doing some pretty difficult fancy stuff this week. The border-radius generator is super handy, too.

You can get pretty far in making a slider with just HTML and CSS

I can’t believe that this is the first CSS-Tricks article that I’ve posted on this newsletter. I owe so much to Chris for all of the material he produces that’s helped me out over the years.

This article is interesting. Sliders used to be a tangle of heavy JavaScript, but now, you can get far with just HTML and CSS. There’s a progressive enhancement target there, too.

Let’s just say I’m working on some stuff that relates to that...

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