Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #43

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नमस्कार 👋

Happy Tuesday! It’s starting to get real hot here in the U.K this week.

I have just finished the prototype of the project that you will build when you do the upcoming “Learn Eleventy From Scratch” course. This means I, at the time of writing, am face-deep in writing around 37 tutorials which make up the course. Exciting times!

You can sign up for updates of the course here.

An update for the pre-order folks: there wont be a stream this week as I’m face-deep in writing, but there will certainly be more before we go live.

On to the newsletter. This week we are back in a CodePen special, looking at some truly fantastic, creative work. Let’s dig in!

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⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

An illustration of a painter

This is so beautiful by Ricardo. I could sit and stare at it for hours 😍

Paint an SVG Giraffe

An illustration of a giraffe that you can paint with variouscontrols

Another beaut from friend of the newsletter, Michelle. I can confirm that my 3 year old child is rather a large fan of this, too.


⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

Funky, canyon style art

Good gosh, this is stunning. As is often the case with Adam’s work, there’s lots of subtle details. Make sure you hover and click!


An illustration of a Sardina camera

Another spotless piece of work by Sarah. I am obsessed with their illustration work and you should be too!

Animal Crossing: Isabelle's Day Off ☀️

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

Animal Crossing themed art

A superb one here to close us out. The more you look at this amazing piece, by Tee, the more you appreciate the amazing amount of work that must have gone into it.

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