Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #31

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नमस्ते! 👋

It’s a very dark day here in the U.K. so this issue is very needed. That’s because this issue is going to make your eyes smile, so get a cup of tea and settle into a collection of incredibly visually pleasing links.

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Re-creating the ‘His Dark Materials’ Logo in CSS

This is really cool by Michelle. Lots of clip-path and custom properties to get your teeth stuck into!

These sort of fun demos are a great way to nail down modern CSS techniques.

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The Deep Sea

This is bloody brilliant by Neal. It’s super fun and also features loads of cool stuff to learn about the sea 🌊


The branding and illustrations of this site are outrageously good. I love the huge headings.

Masking GIFs with other GIFs

When Cassie first showed me this, my jaw nearly fell off. It’s a really smart trick but the whole composition of this demo is just outstanding.

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Animate Text on Scroll

This is great by my pal Stephen from The Keyframers.

A nice fast-paced tutorial with a very fancy, modern trick.

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Happy Hues

This is both a really good resource and also a stunning website. I absolutely adore the look and feel of it.

Great work by, Mackenzie.

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This week’s sponsor is Front-End Challenges Club

Front-End Challenges club is a project where a challenge is set every two weeks. The following week, a solution to the challenge is published to help you learn and master front-end development best practices.

The aim of the game with this project is for you to learn best practices in:

  • Semantic HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusivity

Membership for full access to all content costs either $10 per month or $95 for a year with benefits such as access to AMA sessions and other bonus content, so go ahead and sign up!

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That’s all, folks

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