Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #19

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Привет! 👋

The last week has been unreal, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank my subscribers for buying a copy of Every Layout. It means so much to me ♥️

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On with the CSS 🚀

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Creating my logo animation

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Cassie not only has a stunning new website, but she’s also teaching us how she’s building one of the coolest elements of it: her animated logo.

It’s not a short read, but if you want to get into SVG-based animation, this is a great way to do it.

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Smooth scrolling effects

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This is a good ol’ silky Codrops demo from the legend, Mary Lou. It’s smooth as butter.

I don’t think I’ve linked to Codrops on here yet, which is criminal, frankly.

Henry Desroches - Portfolio

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Not only is Henry one of the nicest people that we have in this little community, they're also ridiculously talented.

Go ahead and give them a follow on twitter. You won't regret it.

9elements - Agency site

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This site is stunning. That’s all I’ll say because there is so much going on to make your eyes smile.

Just go and click around and enjoy the incredible aesthetic and the fun dark mode toggle on the blog.

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CSS only running horse

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Holy Horse! This is incredible, by Steve. Make sure you click the horse to see the working parts in slow motion.

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Pure CSS Gritty

Adam’s checking in again with another mind-blowing demo. This is 100% CSS—even the cursor tracking.

We need Gritty more than ever, too.

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This week’s sponsor is Clarity

I love Clarity and I’m so happy that they wanted to sponsor this issue. Their support means a heck of a lot.

Clarity is a design systems community conference.

They elevate our skills through multi-faceted inclusion, empathy, technology, creativity, and collaboration.

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That’s all, folks

If you have any comments, feedback or submissions, please get in touch via Twitter or Email.

I’m also taking a short break from writing tutorials, so I’m looking to feature your work. If you have written a handy CSS utility, CSS trick or tutorial, you can submit a link over at https://submissions.piccalil.li

Until the next issue, take it easy 🙂