Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #15

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Hallå! 👋

This week is very much the layout issue. There’s loads of grid gold in here, so let’s get stuck in!

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Managing Flow and Rhythm with CSS Custom Properties

I’ll share a post that I wrote last year for the fabulous, 24 Ways, this week.

If there was one thing that I use relentlessly, it’s my little .flow util class or <stack-l>as it’s known on Every Layout.

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Andy Barefoot - personal site

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When I first loaded this site, I just said “holy shit”. I can’t even fathom how Andy landed on this look and feel, but it’s truly stunning—even on mobile.

It’s nice to see weird websites again!!

Zef’s website

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I love this. The colours, the layout, the typography and most of all, the attention to detail. Lovely work by Zef.

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Breathing - variable font animation

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Here’s friend of the newsletter, Michelle again with some stunning work. This is super calming.

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Grid Experiment No. 8

Everything about this is stunning. Get into the CSS panel and learn some stuff because Jules is incredibly talented.

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CSS is fine

Hell yeh it is, Jonathan. Hell yeh it is.

CSS WordArt

This brings back a hell of a lot of school nostalgia. It’s super fun but also super smart work by Katherine.

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That’s all, folks!

If you have any comments, feedback or submissions, please get in touch via Twitter or Email.

I’m also taking a short break from writing tutorials, so I’m looking to feature your work. If you have written a handy CSS utility, CSS trick or tutorial, you can submit a link over at https://submissions.piccalil.li

Until the next issue, take it easy 🙂