Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #14

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¡Hola! 👋

This week, I’m in sunny Brighton for Patterns Day where I get to watch some looking talks about design systems and hang out with pals that I normally only speak to on the web. If you’re there too, make sure you come and say hi!

If you’re enjoying reading this newsletter as much as I’m enjoying creating it, please share it with your pals. It’ll be really appreciated if you do.


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Creating Pixel Art with CSS

This is a fabulous article by Jacque. They explain how box shadows work really well and they use them for some cute pixel art.

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Google Stadia Landing Page

⚠️ Motion warning ⚠️

It goes without saying that this works best in a Chromium browser (cheers, Google…), but regardless, it’s a stunning website, albeit with some accessibility issues.

There are a lot of tricks, but the use of motion with scrolling is very tastefully done.

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CSS Pokeball

This is a lovely bit of CSS illustration by Cami. There’s a real depth to it, which is an effect I’m a big fan of.

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Voice Recorder Animation

⚠️ Motion warning ⚠️

This is absolutely stunning work by Christina. I’m such a super fan of her work 😍

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Rule 110 Demo

I love this by my pal, Lara who is super in to CSS algorithms. You should check out all of her writing and talks!

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Style your default global links using the :not CSS selector

Alex here again with a handy trick on more robust, default link styles.

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That’s all, folks

If you have any comments, feedback or submissions, please get in touch via Twitter or Email.

I’m also taking a short break from writing tutorials, so I’m looking to feature your work. If you have written a handy CSS utility, CSS trick or tutorial, you can submit a link over at https://submissions.piccalil.li

Until the next issue, take it easy 🙂