Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #13

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Howdy, CSS Mates 👋

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me with lots of stuff being released out into the wild. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the nice things they say about the projects I do. It really motivates me!

This issue features starter kits, Spongebob, pinboards, coupons and more relative units.

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Hylia — A simple starter kit for Eleventy

I’ve released a little starter kit called Hylia which is designed to help folks who don’t have time to build their own blog, have a nice looking blog to publish on, rather than using Medium or Facebook.

For those who are into Sass, check out the repository as there’s a JSON powered design token system and a completely dynamic utility class generator in there, from the upcoming rebuild of Stalfos.

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Units: Every Layout

We have just published another rudiment on Every Layout, so we thought you, a subscriber to this newsletter, might want to check it out.

The new rudiment is called “Units”, where we dive into relative units and how they help mediate the dynamic proportions of our layouts.

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Drag-n-drop sticky, with no JS!

This is such a clever trick by the trick-master himself, Scott.

It's so smart to use a resize handle of a <textarea> to create this effect.

CSS Grid Coupons

Olivia is at it again with this stunning work.

One of my favourite aspects of grid is that it gives developers power to build print-style layouts and this is a great demo of that.

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Spongebob illustration

This is great, by HIC. I’m a long-time Spongebob fan, so this was always going to be up my alley.

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Chasing Noodles

⚠️Motion warning⚠️

Christina is ridiculously talented and I’ve long been a huge fan of her work. This little illustration/animation is goddamn adorable.

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Kandinsky Geburstag Invite

Tatiana is probably my favourite designer and a very good pal, so it’s great to see her making some cool as heck CSS Grid art like this that I can share on here.

Knowing her, this is only the start of even more exciting stuff.

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That’s all, folks

If you have any comments, feedback or submissions, please get in touch via Twitter or Email.

I’m also taking a short break from writing tutorials, so I’m looking to feature your work. If you have written a handy CSS utility, CSS trick or tutorial, you can submit a link over at https://submissions.piccalil.li

Until the next issue, take it easy 🙂