Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #11

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Hey, Pals 👋

This issue is packed full of treats. It features accessible custom checkboxes, spaceships, birds, multi-screen murals and generative art.

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Create custom keyboard accessible checkboxes

I am a huge fan of Lindsey and all of the work she does. She’s one of our best people in the accessibility community.

Styling checkbox elements is a nightmare and this article shows you both how to make a cool, pseudo element-based setup and how to make it accessible.

Smashing stuff!

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Small Victories - landing page

This is bold and I love it. I love the idea of the product, too. Anything that enables folks to publish their stuff on the web, independently is a winner in my eyes.

The scrolling behaviour of this is really good. A very creative way to deliver this content.

The view from above - editorial

⚠️Motion warning⚠️

Every time I look at this, I spot something new. The use of perspective and motion gives a fantastic depth of field.

The typography, colour and layout are out of this world, too.

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CSS Spaceship

⚠️Motion warning⚠️

This is a lovely animation by Alice. I especially like the use of easing and the rocket’s flames.

Multi-Screen Mural for JSConf EU 2019

⚠️Motion warning⚠️

Holy moly, the look and feel of this is outstanding.

Everything about it is spot on and when you see it in context, it amplifies how good this is 1000%.

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Cropscape Generator

This is rad by Alex. It’s cool to see them use their knowledge of geospatial information systems to generate some really nice art.

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UCLA Grid Poster

This is really nicely done. Great colours, great typography make up my favourite sort of usage of CSS Grid, which is posters!

Resources permalink

Hex2RGB | An Animated Guide to Hex Codes

⚠️Motion warning⚠️

This is absolutely fantastic. I learned a tonne about how hex codes work. There’s a handy converter at the end, too.

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That’s all, folks

If you have any comments, feedback or submissions, please get in touch via Twitter or Email.

I’m also taking a short break from writing tutorials, so I’m looking to feature your work. If you have written a handy CSS utility, CSS trick or tutorial, you can submit a link over at https://submissions.piccalil.li

Until the next issue, take it easy 🙂