Learn Eleventy From Scratch Honour System Request

The honour system for Learn Eleventy From Scratch is now closed. You can still get Parity Purchasing Power if you are visiting from a qualifying country.

We have given over £50,000 worth of free copies of this course away via this honour system. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of Learn Eleventy From Scratch. It is you that has enabled this giveaway and helped people that are often overlooked by tech to get access to this material.

We’re giving copies of Learn Eleventy From Scratch away to those who are often overlooked in the tech industry. To qualify for a free copy, one or more of these points should describe you:

  1. You’re trying to get your first job in tech
  2. You’re the sole person of your ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation at your company
  3. You are unemployed trying to get a new job in tech
  4. You are doing work that helps to create a better society, such as working with the Black Lives Matter or LGBTQIA+ communities, amongst many others

If you think any of these apply to you, add your email and a brief message about why you qualify for a free copy and we’ll consider it for you. Either way—we’ll let you know if you qualify.