Learn Eleventy From Scratch

Learn how to build a stunning website from scratch, using Eleventy, bleeding-edge front-end technologies and web development best practices—all powered by a resilient asset pipeline.

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In this Eleventy course, we go from a completely empty directory to a full-blown marketing site for a design agency, and along the way, we dive really deep into Eleventy and front-end development best practices.

Over the course of 31 written lessons, split over 4 modules, you will learn core Eleventy platform knowledgestep-by-step—to build out a real-world project. The linear project structure helps your learning because you’re working with a real context, rather than foo bar or fizzbuzz. This also means you’ll actually achieve something at the end that you can build on, too!

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It’s not just a course about Eleventy, either. We’re learning how to build a fast, lightweight website that’s progressively enhanced with the user at the forefront. You’re going to learn some solid HTML, CSS and accessibility best practices just by completing this course.

Finally—if that wasn’t enough to convince your already—you’ll learn about design implementation, details and refinement to achieve a solid, professional end-product.

You don’t need to be an experienced developer to take this course. All you need is basic HTML and CSS skills, with some optional JavaScript skills.

Everything is explained, in detail, in a friendly, conversational manner, and if you get stuck in any of the lessons, you can download the project files, so you’ll have no blockers and you’ll maintain your momentum. Because it’s a written course, it’s available offline by default too.

Now is the time to get into the Jamstack, with static site generators. By taking this course, you’re going to get a solid head-start in that.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Learn Eleventy From Scratch today and let’s get started with building something awesome.

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About your instructor permalink

Your instructor for Learn Eleventy From Scratch is Andy Bell—an educator and consultant designer & developer—based in the U.K. Andy has worked in the design and web industries for well over a decade and in that time, has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, like Harley-Davidson, BSkyB, Unilever, Oracle, Capita, Vice Media and the NHS.

Over these years, Andy has worked on both extremely large projects for huge organisations and tiny projects for small startups. This has given him a vast experience over a large variety of work, which means the tutorials and courses you read on this site have a pragmatic, flexible approach to them. No shoe fits all sizes, but Andy aims to get as close as possible to that with Piccalilli.

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Check out these reviews from the fine folks that have already taken this Eleventy course.

  • This course is so much more than just Eleventy. You get accessibility, markup and CSS tips sprinkled in too. Plus the writing is so friendly, it feels almost like Andy’s right there with you.

    Cassie Evans

  • Learn Eleventy from someone who’s made more Eleventy sites than almost anyone. Andy is a great teacher, and passionate about his subject. Also, he has great taste: Eleventy is a fantastically powerful tool.

    Heydon Pickering

  • I highly recommend this course to those serious about learning Eleventy—especially if you appreciate a structured approach, rather than scavenging through docs. This Eleventy course will take you to advanced levels of understanding the platform, along with teaching you efficient development workflows and best practices for accessible web development.


  • I made it through 10 lessons of this course in one sitting and I LOVE IT. The remote data lesson was incredibly helpful! Thus far, I’ve only been using other folks starter projects, then bolting other features on as needed. In contrast, this course is helping me understand so much more.

    Bridget Stewart

  • I think I took more from the first seven lessons of this course than from my last three years of university!

    Martin Schmitz

  • A killer Static Site Generator needed a killer course like this one. Clear, well-structured, and full of golden nuggets and tips. Worth every penny.

    Juan Martín García

  • Love the Eleventy From Scratch course by Piccalilli already. Very concise, very approachable, very plain language. Well worth your bucks and your time, if you are into this kind of thing and don’t know where to start.

    Nils Mielke

  • This course is clear and precise. With his expertise, Andy guides you towards a real understanding of how to build a project in a tailored way. You will not only learn Eleventy, but you will see how to work like a real professional.

    Giando Riceputi

  • This course is really really nice. Everything is clear. The “Don’t panic, you can download the working project here!” is a wonderful idea.

    Nicolas Friedli

  • I have already built a few pages with Eleventy, but it always felt like I didn't know exactly what I was doing. Through Andy’s course I finally have the feeling to really understand how everything works. Thanks to this course I am now able to build more complex pages and not just convert Markdown to HTML.

    Nils Binder

  • I was up and running so quickly with this course, with actual browser ready code within minutes. It’s clear, easy and fun to use. It's like what building websites should be like, and is making me genuinely excited to get back to progressing further.

    Rich Holman

  • This course is a game changer for someone like me who’s been developing for the web for many years, but hasn’t really put the effort into staying current. This course is so much more than Eleventy—learning more about modern asset pipelines and CSS was an amazing addition.

    Jason Dilworth

  • This deep dive into the nuances of Eleventy opened my eyes to the power of static site generators. I've been working with them for years and have already learned a ton of new approaches & best practices. The explanations are very digestible and easy to comprehend, great for all levels of developer!

    Pete Lloyd

  • This course is a joy to read and learn because it is so incredibly accessible. Andy knows how to crank out wonderfully informative courses and it is a refreshing change from watching many videos tutorials.

    Craig Butcher

  • There’s a lot of learning even in the intro, Andy has the great ability to break the process down into easily digested, bite-sized chunks. Like piccalilli. But not as spicy.

    Chris McMahon

  • Andy helps you build a full-fledged site with Eleventy while seamlessly teaching you basics and best practices, like data handling, asset pipelines, CSS and a good portion of accessibility. It’s hard to stop reading and a great initiation to the static-first paradigm!

    Markus Schork

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Save more than $140 by grabbing this course for $69 and join over 1,500 other people who are levelling up their Eleventy skills. Read more about why the prices have dropped here.

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