Learn CSS From Scratch

Learn CSS from day zero without the baggage of days gone by. This course is great if you’ve never written a line of CSS or if you’ve been writing CSS for 20 years!

Learn CSS from day zero on this course that contains fun, practical examples and demos that will kick-start your CSS learning journey.

This course will teach you modern CSS without the baggage of the past. The end-goal is that you will confidently write CSS in your projects and also be confident to study more advanced content. During the course, we will complete a project from scratch, so you can see how much you’ve learned at the end. I’m a huge believer in linear, project-based learning and I am convinced that you will be too, by the end of the course.

This course is currently in production and should be ready by early summer, 2021. Sign up for updates to stay in the loop!

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