Terms and conditions for Piccalilli Courses

By purchasing a Piccalilli course, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

Ownership permalink

When you purchase a licence for a Piccalilli course, you own an access licence to the content that is authored and owned by Piccalilli Ltd, who retain all rights to the content.

Fair usage and redistribution permalink

Re-publishing and re-selling of Piccalilli content is strictly forbidden and discovered instances will be pursued, legally, in accordance with United Kingdom copyright law.

It is expected that licence holders use their licence in a fair manner. We puts a lot of trust in licence holders so that we can make accessing content as frictionless as possible. We believe that you, the licence holder, should be able to access the content that you paid for with little to no barriers, but this also means that the licence is easily shared.

If we suspect you are not using your license in a fair manner or sharing it irresponsibly, we reserve the right to revoke your access to content with no refunds, after a fair warning.

Licence terms permalink

A standard licence is for one person only. For companies and organisations: bulk licences can be purchased. Please contact hi@piccalil.li and we will be more than happy to facilitate a bespoke, discounted licence for you.

Refund policy permalink

If you are not satisfied with the content that you have purchased, and you contact hi@piccalil.li within 1 week of purchase, we can discuss refund options with you. This does not affect your statutory rights.