The Piccalilli Newsletter Is Closing


Howdy 👋

It’s been inevitable for a while now, but today, I am closing the Piccalilli Newsletter.

Thank you for your support as a subscriber, but the current setup is just not compatible with the future of Piccalilli.

This is because I launched a new membership system which has a newsletter as a member perk. As outlined in this post, I want the quality of the newsletter to be much higher, but that will require a lot more time invested in it. This is why it is now a premium perk, rather than a free subscription.

This newsletter is what started Piccalilli and I’m pretty sad to see it go. Over 10,000 of you have signed up to it in the last couple of years which is incredible. That’s not bad for something that started as a humble tweet. Thank you to each and every one of you that have helped project Piccalilli into what it is today.

There will forever be an archive of issues, here and I really hope to see some of y’all in the Piccalilli Members areas, such as the Discord group.

You can also sign up to be updated whenever a new tutorial, course, blog post or quick tip are published here.

Just as a matter of formality: your information has now been deleted inline with GDPR regulations, if you subscribed to the newsletter.

Until next time we speak, 
Take it easy 💜


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