Piccalilli and the Discord are closing down


    I’m setting up a new agency and that means piccalil.li and the Discord are closing down, but all the content is moving to set.studio.

    Gosh it seems like all the posts I write on this site are doom and gloom at the moment, but things are changing around here.

    I started Piccalilli as a way to move from designing things, building things and consulting on things to teach people things. It’s been a fun couple of years, but now as we get to the end of 2021, I’ve been planning a lot of things and one of those is closing down this site.

    In 2022, I’m starting a new agency: Set Creative Studio. I’m rather looking forward to this chapter, but as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work. With that, I also need to trim my responsibilities down and running two Discords is just not working out.

    I run the Piccalilli Discord and also, Array for freelancers. I will be keeping Array as that will be more tightly integrating with the new agency, but unfortunately the Piccalilli Discord will be closing on Thursday December 16 at 17:00 GMT. I can only run one against my business, so this is a must-change.

    I can’t leave this Discord hanging, so I’ve been quietly lurking in various other tech communities to recommend to Piccalilli members. The best part of the Piccalilli Discord is that it’s small, quiet, there’s not a bunch of toxic positivity and grifting undertones. Most importantly, everyone is nice and helpful to each other. With that, I recommend two options: The Frontend Horse Discord which is free and large, or the ShopTalkShow Discord which is £8 a month via Patreon and small. Of course, folks are welcome to join Array too!

    You might be wondering why I don’t make Piccalilli free to everyone? If I make it free, it will get very large very quickly and become a big moderation burden, which frankly, I don’t have time for. I also don’t want a safe space to turn into a potentially unsafe space because I care dearly for all the people in there.

    This site is also closing, but not until the new year permalink

    I’m also closing this site, but fear not, the content will move to set.studio when that has been built. I despise broken links, so will make sure all the content is available to everyone.

    I’ve already made Learn Eleventy From Scratch open source and that is in its new home.

    Wrapping up permalink

    Thanks everyone for viewing content on here and sharing it with your pals. A very special thanks to members of the Piccalilli Discord for making it a lovely place to hang out. You’re all great.

    Take it easy 👋

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