Let’s Build A Landing Page is stepping aside for Learn Eleventy From Scratch

Now that I have finished writing Learn Eleventy From Scratch, it has become very apparent that a lot of the material I planned to cover in Let’s Build A Landing Page is mostly covered in the Learn Eleventy From Scratch course. With this in mind, I have decided to remove Let’s Build A Landing Page from the schedule.

There is material, such as working with Gatsby, which I will endeavour to create premium tutorials about, in the future. I see a bright future in Gatsby and would certainly like to contribute to the education material around it—especially in terms of outputting a lightweight, accessible website.

Wrapping up permalink

Removing Let’s Build A Landing Page from the schedule now allows me to focus on some upcoming tutorials and the Learn CSS From Scratch course, which is very much in demand.

Until the next update, take it easy 👋