Learn Eleventy From Scratch Preorder

You can preorder Learn Eleventy From Scratch today for £95 (including VAT)

Update: The £55 Blind Bird is now closed and has been replaced with a £95 Early Bird instead.

From today, You can preorder Learn Eleventy From Scratch for a hugely discounted price of £95 (including VAT).

The price is so low because by preordering the course, you’re putting your faith in me to deliver it, which is hugely appreciated. Having more up-front funding for the course helps me, an independent freelancer to go full time on it too!

What else you get permalink

Apart from being an awesome person, you will also get behind the scenes access to the production of this course.

I will be doing exclusive live-streams which only you, the future students can access. These streams will give you an insight into the course as I produce it and the technologies I’m using to deliver it to you. More information about this will arrive in your inbox in the near future, when you preorder.

You will also get updates via email to keep you up to date with how the course production is going.

Finally, because you are an early supporter, as early access to the materials becomes available, you will be first in the queue!

Thank you permalink

If you have supported this course with a preorder, thank you. Your support really does help. I’m convinced that this course will be a really valuable resource not just for learning Eleventy, but also learning how to build solid, high performing websites with the Jamstack.

Until the next update, take it easy 👋

P.S. Preorder the course here