A brand new membership system and drive to make content cheaper and more accessible


A brand new Membership System and much cheaper content has been launched to help Piccalilli reach more people

I’m a huge believer in making the work I do as accessible to as many people as possible. It’s why, when I launched Learn Eleventy From Scratch, I created an honour system to give people free copies of the course, which while it was open, gave over £50,000 of free content away to those who are often overlooked by the tech industry.

This belief I have in content access for all is why there is also a Parity Purchasing Power system which automatically alters the price of courses for folks, depending on which country they visit from.

In short: I believe in fairness.

A brand new Membership system permalink

Fast forward to today and two huge new things have changed on this site. The first is that there is a brand new membership system. With three differently priced tiers (two at launch), there’s now an option to become an official member of the Piccalilli community. Joining this community helps me to achieve two things:

  1. I can spend much more time creating content for this site instead of working for freelance clients
  2. You will help more people who often get overlooked in tech, access more content for free

With access to a premium Discord (for everyone), access to premium content and a weekly newsletter (both Supporters Club, upwards), there’s loads of benefits for being a Piccalilli Supporter.

All content is now much cheaper permalink

To make content as available to as many people as possible, I have decided to slash the price of it. For example: Learn Eleventy From Scratch is now $69, whereas before it was £160. This change will continue for upcoming courses, such as CSS From Scratch, which will also be $69 when it launches.

I’ve decided to do this permanent price reduction, instead of a flash Black Friday sale. I believe I can make my content cheaper and more accessible while also feeding my family, which is the ideal setup.

You’ll also probably notice that I have changed the currency. This is again to make content more accessible, by using a weaker currency, like USD, it should translate to less money that when it was charge in GBP. Hopefully, this will allow me to offer more payment options in the future, too.

I really hope that by making the first course that I’ve launched on this platform being around $145 cheaper than before, much more people can access it. Of course, Parity Purchasing Power prices have also dropped, dramatically.

A commitment to this site for the future permalink

Piccalilli launched as a resource for tech education material in March this year and so far, I’ve produced a course, published 15 tutorials, 16 quick tips, a CSS methodology, 18 articles and finally, 24 newsletters.

That’s a heck of a lot of content, but in 2021, I want to try and treble that. By becoming a Piccalilli Member—even as a Coffee Club supporter—you will help me achieve this ambition.

A change in the newsletter permalink

The newsletter is now a member’s only perk and I’m sorry, but it will no longer go out to over 10,000 people that currently subscribe to it. Thank you to everyone who subscribed to it before.

The newsletter is what this whole site started as, but as with everything in life, things have to evolve and change. The change here is for two reasons:

  1. Having the newsletter tightly linked to other email delivery posed a great risk for spam reports, which unfortunately, have increased a lot recently (big sigh) and had a huge negative impact
  2. After 56 issues, I want to make the newsletter much better, which naturally means I have to invest much more time into it. By making it a members only newsletter, that will be more possible

A big thank you permalink

Thank you to everyone who has supported Piccalilli in any way at all. I have been blown away at how many people enjoy the content on here and the feedback that you all give me. Know that when I get an email saying that my writing is what made a topic make sense for you, I do a little happy cry.

As an educator: knowing my content helps thousands of people every day makes me incredibly happy and driven.

To those who bought my course at the older prices, thank you so much. You are the reason why I can now focus even more time into this project and when more courses arrive, I will be filling your inboxes with extremely generous discount codes to say thank you.

Until the next time we speak, take it easy 👋

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